Game name : GoHome!!
Device : iPhone , iPod touch
Genre : Physics simulation action puzzle
Fighting : The world ranking

The game is simple.
Please match a round living thing to each color.
It is a simple operation only of inclining.
It smiles first if becoming a goal though it is a face of dissatisfaction.
Moreover, there is an enemy who obstructs the purpose.
Let's hold out patiently.

There are 12 stage game.
It fights by the world ranking in total at time of each stage.
There is a change in the title when entering within 3rd place.

Emotional ups and downs are intense.
Innocent third son.
It is not possible to eat though green peas.
Second son.
The stock trading is done recently.
A place today is a large deficit though seem to be done steadily.
It sticks to the thing that do not pronounce "k". As much as "Know".
Eldest son.
It is not comparatively great.
It is a subordinate position though it is a name "Daikan".
Anyway, it is more obstructive than the quality in the amount.
The way to play is easy.
1. It horizontally has iPhone.
2. If the main body is inclined, it moves in the inclined direction.
3. They are matched to the color.
It comes to get irritated at time and to want to throw out.
It doesn't make amends even if break or damaged.
Please note it.

There are 12 stage game.
It is possible to participate in the world ranking by clearing everything.
- The communication environment is necessary.
The total time of all stages competes with the time of each stage.
The stage can be selected.
It is a point that wins the re-play of the stage where time hangs, and shortening time.
Let's make an effort aiming at the high rank.